We are the southern hemisphere's biggest fish market...and so much more.

Owned equally by the harvest and post-harvest sectors of the NSW seafood industry - the Catchers Trust of NSW and the Sydney Fish Market Tenants and Merchants Pty Ltd - Sydney Fish Market is the lifeblood of Australia's seafood industry.

Our wholesale auction trades more than 50 tonnes and 100 different species of seafood every day.

Sydney's local fleet and visiting vessels unload their catch at our commercial wharf.

Our six seafood retailers sell Australia's widest range of seafood to thousands of locals and tourists.

Our on-site cafes, restaurants, gourmet deli, butcher, bakery, green-grocer, gift shop, and more provide hours of culinary entertainment.

Our events celebrate the myriad cultures that love Australian seafood.

Our hard-working staff weather every storm to make sure that the industry stays trading, every day.

And the on-site Sydney Seafood School helps thousands of Aussies get more comfortable cooking seafood at home.


SFMblue is the newest addition Sydney Fish Market's seafood trading function, complementary to our iconic daily physical auction. A thriving, independent online marketplace, it offers buyers and suppliers transparency and real-time capability in their seafood trading, without geographic constraints.